Millward Brown's Adtrack Media Optimiser

Download the latest version of the Media Optimiser

IMPORTANT: Before downloading Millward Brown's Media Optimiser please bear in mind that you will need a valid username and password before using it. If you are a Millward Brown Adtrack client, please contact Millward Brown for your username and password.


The minimum requirements for installing and running the Adtrack Media Optimiser are:

  • PC running Windows XP Sevice Pack 2 (Windows Vista and Windows 7 also supported)
  • Microsoft Office 2000 through to Office 2010
  • Dot Net Platform version 4 *NOTE*
  • Windows Install 4.5
  • An Internet connection

NOTE: before commencing installation please close all instances of Microsoft Office applications (such as Excel, Word or Powerpoint).

Intallation Instructions
  1. Click on the link below to download
  2. Save the file to a folder on your computer
  3. Double-click on the file to unzip it
  4. Choose a destination folder and unzip all
  5. In the newly unzipped folder, double-click on the file Setup.exe
  6. Follow the the instructions until the installation is complete (just choose the defaults)

In certain cases where an older version of Media Optimiser is installed on your computer, the set up might fail with a message that an older version was found and must be removed before installation can take place. In this case:

  1. From the Windows Start menu, choose Control Panel
  2. Double-click on Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features (depending on your version of Windows)
  3. Double-click on Adtrack Media Optimiser and uninstall.

Download the Media Optimiser installation file here.

Configuring the MOS File Download Utility

Once the software has installed, a utility application called the MOS File Download Utility will be installed on your computer. This utility is used to download MOS Files (containing advert-specific tracking results) from Millward Browns remote server.  It requires a logon which will be supplied by Millward Brown.

The MOS File Download Utility uses the Internet to connect to the remote server. If your connection to the Internet uses a proxy server, this must be configured in the Proxy Settings area, accessed via the menu under Configuration. If in doubt, check your Web browser proxy settings (in Internet Explorer: Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings).


If you encounter any problems installing or running the Media Optimiser, please contact us.