Millward Brown's Adtrack Media Optimiser

How Media Planners can confidently produce media schedules to maximise their Client's return on investment on TV advertising spending

As a client of Millward Brown's Adtrack can take the guesswork out of preparing media schedules. By simulating your client's marketing parameters, the Media Optimiser can help you establish the most efficient and effective future flighting strategy.

Its objective is to guide media planners & clients in their planning of the optimal future TV strategies for a commercial or campaign that has undergone an AdTrack Study.

Please note this product is currently available in South Africa only.

Please contact us for more information about Millward Brown Adtrack and the Media Optimiser.

Download the latest version now. New Version available - supporting Windows Vista / Windows 7 and Office 2000 to 2010.

Using sophisticated technology to solve a difficult problem

The Media Optimiser uses an advanced, cutting-edge genetic algorithm to solve what is a very complex problem. The algorithm has a single objective: to project a schedule that will produced the maximum total audience noting for a given set of marketing parameters including, of course, the budget.

What this means for your client is that best possible return on investment for the budgeted ad spend is achieved, within the parameters you supply.

An easy-to-use familiar interface

The Media Optimiser is an Excel add-in, so you work within a familiar environment using worksheets and other Excel features. The outputs of the Optimiser are a media allocation scedule and a chart.

See How It Works for a full description of using the Media Optimiser.

Download the latest version now.